Mobile Crane Rope 35×7 Non-Rotating Construction

Take advantage of the rotation resistant properties of our mobile crane rope 35×7 non-rotating construction wire rope. Its ideal for mobile cranes and tackles whatever heavy-duty lifting tasks are on your schedule with confidence. Select the length and diameter you need and contact us using the details below for a quote.

Perks of Mobile Crane Rope 35×7 Non-rotating Construction

mobile crane rope 35x7 non-rotatingMobile crane lifting comes with a few requirements in terms of mobile crane ropethe type of wire rope you should use. Our 35×7 construction rope is able to avoid rotating when under load. In addition it provides a good amount of overall durability.  It will not be easily crushed or warped by any forces that are exerted on its exterior.

The diameter of the rope you choose will determine its minimum breaking load. For the smallest 28mm wire rope, that figure will be 760.8kN. For the sturdiest 48mm wire rope, that figure will be 2236kN.

This mobile crane rope has a long lasting steel core and a durable outer wire construction. Also bear in mind that all lifting equipment must be checked to ensure safety before use.

Broaden your Search for Crane Rope

This mobile crane rope also comes in a 24×7 construction but cast your eye over our wire rope for container cranes, ship cranes and overhead cranes to see the breadth of our range.

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