Container Crane Boom Ropes 8×25 Compacted

This container crane boom ropes 8×25 compacted construction has undergone a special process during manufacture. The process of compaction provides an incredibly smooth finish with tight knit strands. Because it has been compacted it is stronger, less likely to be damaged by abrasions and better able to battle bend fatigue. Ideal for use on container cranes.

Benefits of  Container Crane Boom Ropes 8×25 Compacted

container crane boom rope 8x25 compactedBreakages are simply not acceptable in any lifting context,container crane rope let alone when heavy shipping containers are being handled in a docking environment or offshore. This is where the 8×25 strand configuration and the compacted after-treatment of our boom rope for container cranes come into play.

There is little rotation resistance in this container crane boom rope construction design, but that is not the point here; the aim is to deliver unquestionable strength and durability in a wire rope without increasing the diameter or weight. From 13mm to 24mm, and with breaking loads of 165.5kN to 568kN, this range is up to almost any task.

Alternative Steel Cable Solutions

Whatever length or specification of wire rope you require, we can make it to order and send it to you swiftly. Our container crane ropes are a small part of what we offer. We also sell custom lifting slings, height safety equipment and everything in between.

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