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8×25 Compacted Wire Rope

13mm 8×25 Compacted Wire Rope (1m Length)


13mm 8×25 Compacted Wire Rope..

14mm 8×25 Compacted Wire Rope (1m Length)


14mm 8×25 Compacted Wire Rope..

15mm 8×25 Compacted Wire Rope (1m Length)


15mm 8×25 Compacted Wire Rope..

16mm 8×25 Compacted Wire Rope (1m Length)


16mm 8×25 Compacted Wire Rope..

18mm 8×25 Compacted Wire Rope (1m Length)


18mm 8×25 Compacted Wire Rope..

19mm 8×25 Compacted Wire Rope (1m Length)


19mm 8×25 Compacted Wire Rope..

20mm 8×25 Compacted Wire Rope (1m Length)


20mm 8×25 Compacted Wire Rope..

22mm 8×25 Compacted Wire Rope (1m Length)


22mm 8×25 Compacted Wire Rope..

24mm 8×25 Compacted Wire Rope (1m Length)


24mm 8×25 Compacted Wire Rope..

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8×25 Compacted Wire Rope

Compacted wire rope has been designed with strength and resistance in mind. While similar to our standard stainless steel products in its initial construction, the finishing touches to this product give it a unique set of qualities and benefits. This page details more information on our 8×25 compacted wire rope.

More details on the 8×25 compacted wire rope

Rope with the numbers 8×25 has 8 bundles/strands of 25 wires making up its construction. The difference with compacted rope is that it has been fed through a roller or special machine afterwards, to compact each of these strands and bundles closer together.

This compacted nature adds an extra layer of strength and resistance to this equipment. As the space between strands and bundles has been reduced, there is less friction and abrasion damage.

It also has a good level of resistance against bend fatigue, as well as being easier to handle thanks to its smooth nature. It can withstand shock loading, has less constructional stretch, and have a much lower level of wire breakages.

As you can see, this 8×25 rope has an almost endless array of benefits! We also stock a 6×36 compacted rope as well as many other constructions of wire rope and a wide range of compacted crane ropes.

How to place an order with Rope Services Direct

If you would like to discuss this particular piece of equipment in greater detail, or are ready to place an order, you can find our full list of contact details on our contact page. Alternatively, you can call us directly on 01384 78004 or find our rapid enquiry form at the top of this page.

Compacted Steel Cable Specifications

Diameter    2160 N/mm₂  
 mm KG/MTR kN Tonnes
13 0.77 165.5 16.88
14 0.9 194.8 19.86
15 1.03 221.6 22.6
16 1.17 253.9 25.89
18 1.48 320.9 32.72
19 1.625 347.7 35.46
20 1.82 396.3 40.41
22 2.221 484 49.35
24 2.64 568 57.92
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