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24mm 8x25 compacted wire rope

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24mm 8x25 Compacted Wire Rope

24mm 8x25 Compacted Wire Rope

Sure to offer you excellent all-round performance, whatever the weather, our 8x25 compacted wire rope is constructed in this 24mm diameter configuration. The compressed strands reduce wear and tear while improving strength for a compelling combination of capabilities.

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24mm 8x25 Compacted wire rope benefits

Wire rope is not normally compacted, but in the case of this 8x25 configuration product this extra step is taken at the end of the production process. The upshot is that the steel strands which are woven together to create it are pressed particularly close to one another. This delivers excellent fatigue resistance, while also smoothing out any unevenness from the surface and thus minimising the abrasiveness of the rope.

Offering a 24mm diameter, this rope rocks a working load limit of 57.92 tonnes. It is not the strongest of our ropes, but it is one of the best compacted products we supply.

Totally adaptable

Thanks to the full family of fittings available here at Rope Services Direct, any one of the various types of rope that we manufacture can be tweaked to your liking by our staff before it is shipped. Give us the go-ahead and let us unleash our comprehensive customisation capabilities on your order.

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