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22mm 8x25 compacted wire rope

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22mm 8x25 Compacted Wire Rope

22mm 8x25 Compacted Wire Rope

Offered in any length you request, our 8x25 compacted steel wire rope with a 22mm diameter has a hefty load limit, setting it apart from other rope options. It is amongst the sturdiest steel ropes we can produce, ideal for heavy duty tasks.

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About the 22mm 8x25 Compacted Wire Rope

Rope with this 8x25 design is tough and resistant to abrasions in equal measure. The 22mm diameter of this rope gives it a 49.35 tonne WLL. The rope will resist wear and tear, even with regular use, while creating less friction thanks to the compacted outer surface of the strands.

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Rope Services Direct is a respected manufacturer of many different wire and fibre rope products. As a result we can convert rope to whatever use you have in mind, creating lifting slings and other useful assemblies. This stainless steel rope is easily adapted by our experts, so order now.

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To reach out to RSD with your wire rope queries or to request a quote, just call 01384 78004. You can also expect a fast, friendly reply when you email us. Our pricing is competitive and our customer service is second to none.