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19mm 8x25 compacted wire rope

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19mm 8x25 Compacted Wire Rope

19mm 8x25 Compacted Wire Rope

Sold in 1 metre incremental lengths the 19mm diameter 8x25 construction compacted wire rope can be adapted to suit with a choice of fittings, call Rope Services Direct today, 01384 78004

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19mm 8x25 Compacted Wire Rope

Providing plenty of sturdiness in its relatively slim 19mm configuration, this variant of our 8x25 compacted steel rope is the choice of customers that want an especially resilient product. It is less liable to suffer breakages, abrasions and general fatigue thanks to its design.

Things you need to know

In terms of working load limit, this 8x25 rope in its 19mm form factor has a 35.46 tonne capacity. This is partnered with a 347.7kN breaking force, which feeds into the fact that shock loading will not put this wire rope under more stress than it can handle.

The final thing to note is that the compaction results in a smoother outer surface, so the rope will not mark softer materials with as much ease as its stable mates or suffer wear and tear itself.

Changes you can make

An order of wire rope fulfilled by Rope Services Direct is not a one size fits all affair. You can buy wire rope fittings, including terminals and thimbles, so that they can be added to your 8x25 compacted stainless steel rope by our team.

Ways to get in touch

Let us know what you need by emailing the RSD team or calling our sales staff direct on 01384 78004.