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15mm 8x25 compacted wire rope

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15mm 8x25 Compacted Wire Rope

15mm 8x25 Compacted Wire Rope

Sold in 1 metre increments the 15mm 8x25 compacted rope can be used with load weights at around 22 tonne.

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15mm 8x25 Compacted Wire Rope

If the 15mm diameter of this 8x25 compacted wire rope sounds somewhat skinny, the good news is that the processes involved in its creation give it far more strength than you might expect. Coupled with its resilience this rope will be a firm fixture in various operations.

Choosing compacted rope

With compacted rope the strands and bundles have been forced through rollers, creating a tighter-knit internal structure and an outer surface which is not as abrasive as non-compacted alternatives. This increases the potential lifespan of our 8x25 rope and allows this 15mm product to handle loads of up to 22.6 tonnes with ease.

Making adaptations

If you are looking for a custom wire rope assembly made using our 8x25 rope, you have come to the right place. The team at Rope Services Direct can use its expertise to convert steel rope into whatever format you desire.

Customers that want to have more flexibility in terms of how the rope they order is deployed can also buy tools from us at competitive prices.

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