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40mm 6x36 compacted wire rope

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40mm 6x36 Compacted Wire Rope

40mm 6x36 Compacted Wire Rope

Providing purpose-made wire rope is what we do best, with our 40mm 6x36 compacted wire rope appealing to commercial users across a number of industries. It is well equipped for lifting loads in many industrial scenarios.

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The 40mm 6x36 Compacted Wire Rope – A Smart Choice

There are lots of reasons to get excited about this wire rope, chief amongst which is its compacted strands and the properties they provide. The manufacturing processes involved in creating this rope allow for breaking forces of up to 1,400kN and load limits of 142,679kg to be achieved.

Compaction makes the rope less liable to bend fatigue, wear and friction as well as making the diameter smaller. The flatter surface created by the compaction process enables a larger contact area and so less friction on smaller, individual strands.

Tensile Strength 1770 1960 2160

Breaking Strength
 Diameter mm   kg/100M  kN Kg kN Kg kN Kg
40 764.8 1,147.00 116,917 1,270.00 129,468 1,400.00 142,679

A Bespoke Steel Rope Assembly

Our wire rope assemblies give customers the ability to alter an order in whatever way they want. You can pair this 40mm 6x36 compacted stainless steel wire rope with a full array of fittings. You can take advantage of the tools we supply, including everything from rope cutters to full presses, creating your own in-house setup for adding attachments.

When it comes to your galvanized wire rope order, you are very much in the driving seat, with the Rope Services Direct team put at your disposal.

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Lots of our customers enjoy the convenience of being able to call RSD on 01384 78004. Others prefer to email us from our website to get info and request quotes. The choice is yours!