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36mm 6x36 compacted wire rope

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36mm 6x36 Compacted Wire Rope

36mm 6x36 Compacted Wire Rope

Moving towards the sturdiest end of our 36mm 6x36 compacted wire rope range, this noteworthy product has a diameter of 36mm, allowing it to offer outstanding load bearing capabilities while also being resistant to bend fatigue. It is a wire rope that can cope with many tasks.

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 Features of the 36mm 6x36 Compacted Wire Rope

Firstly it makes sense to look at how well this wire rope can perform on paper. The load limit applied to the flagship example of this family is 115,570kg. The breaking force rated for this rope is 1,134kN and so you should be undeniably confident in the raw strength that it brings to bear in a range of lifting tasks.

The compaction of the outer strands around the inner steel core creates a smoother, flatter, less abrasive surface. So it is passed easily through lifting equipment such as sheaves and pulleys and makes contact with the rest of the rope when coiled. Wear and tear will be limited thanks to its larger contact surface area of the galvanized rope.

Tensile Strength 1770 1960 2160

Breaking Strength
 Diameter mm   kg/100M  kN Kg kN Kg kN Kg
36 619.49 929 94,703 1,029.00 104,869 1,134.00 115,570

What other wire ropes do we supply?

We can provide an almost unending variety of bespoke, brilliant wire rope assemblies. We also stock tools for adapting, handling and maintaining wire rope which might be useful for some customers. Meanwhile our fibre rope range delivers even more diverse options. So whether its stainless steel rope, non-rotating wire rope or specialist ropes, RSD can help.

How can I order 36mm compacted Rope

Visit our contact page for all the details you need to get in touch, including our rapid response form. You can also ring us on 01384 78004 and our experienced staff will guide you through the ordering process, or answer any questions.