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11mm 6x36 compacted wire rope

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11mm 6x36 Compacted Wire Rope

11mm 6x36 Compacted Wire Rope

Our 11mm 6x36 compacted wire rope  possesses a strand configuration which is undeniably durable and strong, especially since it is also compacted to make it smoother and better able to resist breaking forces. For wire rope that boasts long life potential and a stylish finish as well, this choice is excellent.

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Key Features of the IWRC 11mm 6x36 compacted wire rope?

A steel core forms the heart of our 11mm 6x36 construction compacted wire rope and it is manufactured in compliance with relevant standards. As with other products of this particular strand configuration, the rope will be impressively flexible and still remain sturdy enough to safely handle heavy loads. In this case the capacity tops out at 10,790 kilograms, with a breaking force of 105.9kN.

One of the main benefits of a compacted rope is its ease of handling, thanks to its sleeker outer. This steel cable will glide smoothly over your hands and pulley systems and boast good abrasion resistance to boot.

Tensile Strength 1770 1960 2160

Breaking Strength
Diameter mm kg/100M kN Kg kN Kg kN Kg
11 57.84 86.7 8,842 96 9,791 105.9 10,790

What Steel Cable Extras are Available?

As well as having the option to order compacted rope in whatever length makes sense for your needs, you can ask Rope Services Direct to add attachments that will help you start using the products you order as soon as possible. Our family of fittings includes everything from thimbles to sockets, so start thinking about how you would like to adapt your order and then get in touch when you are read.

How do I Contact RSD?

That is simple; you can either call 01384 78004 to speak with a team member, or pop an email into our inbox by filling out the contact form found on our site. From advice and info to quotes, we will help out in any way we can.