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Single Eye Aramid Cable Socks

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Fashioned from synthetic aramid fibres, our single eye aramid cable socks are strong enough for light to mid-duty tasks while also being resistant to corrosion and completely non-conductive. We supply other types of non-metallic cable socks too.

Why choose single eye aramid cable socks?non-metallic single eye aramid cable sock

While our wire rope socks which are made of steel can provide plenty of pulling power, they are not suited to every operation environment. For work with electrical cables and in environments where water corrosion is likely, this single eye aramid sock is a better choice. With breaking strengths of up to 7210kg on tap, there is a lot to like about this range beyond is mere resilience.

As you can see from the specification table below we can supply this single eye product in a single weave or double weave for your convenience.

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   single eye aramid cable socks

Size range (mm) Lattice length (mm) Approx breaking strength (kg)
single eye single weave non-metallic grip
 10 – 20 611 1,115
 20 – 30 611 1,620
 25 – 36 611 1,620
 30 – 40 611 2,230
 40 – 50 611 2,640
single eye double weave non-metallic grip
 30 – 40 611 4,470
 40 – 50 611 5,390
 50 – 65 611 7,210
 65 – 80 611 7,210
 80 – 100 611 7,210


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