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OffSet Eye Non Metallic Cable Socks

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This page tells you all about offset eye non metallic cable socks. Since the eye of this non-metallic sock is set to one side, it leaves the end open so that the cable can pass through uninterrupted. Meanwhile the aramid fibres are resistant to heat, chemicals and common corrosive substances.

Perks of Offset Eye non metallic cable Socksnon-metallic off set eye cable sock

Like our  other non metallic cable socks, the construction of this non-metallic example is convenient in stations where you may want to attach multiple socks to the same length of cable simultaneously. Meanwhile the synthetic nature of the sock means that it will not create sparks, suffer when exposed to water, or conduct electrical currents.

The minimum breaking load sits at between 1115kg and 7210kg across this range, so pick the sock that suits your needs.

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offset eye non metallic cable socks

Size range (mm) Lattice length (mm) Approx. Breaking strength (kg)
single weave
 10 – 20 611 1,115
 20 – 30 611 1,620
 25 – 40 611 1,620
 30 – 40 611 2,230
 40 – 50 611 2,640
double weave
 30 – 40 611 4,470
 40 – 50 611 5,390
 50 – 65 611 7,210
 65 – 80 611 7,210
 80 – 100 611 7,210


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