Single Eye Double Weave cable Sock

With a double weave lattice configuration and a single eye for pulling duties, this single eye double weave cable sock option is ideal for mid-weight tasks. It sits in our heavy duty range by dint of straddling several size categories and length options.

Details of the Single Eye Double Weave cable Sock

Every single eye double weave cable sock in this line up is fashioned from galvanized steel. The main differences come in terms of breaking strength and lattice length. The most compact of the bunch offers a breaking strength rating of 2040kg and a length of 534mm. The largest can handle loads of up to 14 tonnes and has a standard length of 660mm; we can also supply this in a longer length version with the same breaking strength , with a maximum length of 1010mm. In conclusion these wire rope socks are a great product for handling and guiding cables.

We have a great choice of wire rope cable socks on offer to suit a wide range of needs so take a look at the complete collection here.

Ordering with us

Whatever your wire rope needs, we can meet them with our huge selection of quality products. Ordering wire rope socks or getting guidance from our team is straightforward when you call Rope Services Direct on 01384 78004 or contact us online.
single eye double weave cable sock

Size range (mm)Lattice length (mm)Approx. Breaking strength (kg)
 13 – 165342,040
 16 – 196102,540
 19 – 256103,085
 25 – 386104,355
 38 – 506107,441
 50 – 636108,390
 63 – 7661011,115
 76 – 8961011,115
 89 – 10266014,065
Longer length
 19 – 259143,085
 25 – 389144,355
 38 – 509147,440
 50 – 639148,390
 63 – 7691411,115
 76 – 8991411,115
 89 – 102101014,065