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Do you have the need to permanently press fittings onto wire rope on a regular basis? If so then one of our wire rope presses / swaging machine could be the answer. These industrial machines come in 300, 500, 600 & 1000 tonne models and are all based on the same single block construction base. This enables you to add the features that you require, not the ones that you don’t need.

About Wire Rope Press Machines

The solid construction of these wire rope presses ensures a long service life and great strength. They need only the minimum of maintenance and come supplied with a full oil tank.

Solenoid valves control the two stage hydraulic unit to provide extreme power. This range of wire rope presses is easy to operate via a foot pedal. Which enables both hands to remain free to handle the rope and fittings. The foot pedal controls the up and down function as well as a hold position . This holding placement enables you to make adjustments to the rope if necessary. And also makes the tool / die setting up much quicker.

It is possible to pre-set the maximum swage load with an automatic piston return function. The opening between the dies is also adjustable. This range of wire rope presses has an automatic shut down feature which turns them off when not in use. A press of the foot pedal is all that is needed to start the machines back up again.

These machines can press a wide variety of ferrules onto the respectively sized wire rope, the bigger the machine the bigger the ferrules & wire rope can be. For example the 300T model can  press ’T’ ferrules up to size 24 in a single stage operation or up to a size 30 in a multi stage operation. The 600T model  can swage size 34 ferrules  in a single stage or u to a size 40 in a multi-stage.

Options for these Wire Rope Presses

There are a number of different options which can be added to these wire rope presses. These include an oil cooler, a silencer, a zone guard and an adjuster. What’s more there are modern T panels to aid in their function. With the larger models having a T panel EXT version which can handle both imperial and metric measurements.

Each wire rope press machine can be used with a wide range of dies to suit your required task. Rope Services Direct can supply these dies together with your chosen press.

If these swaging machines are too big for your needs then you may be interested in our hand held swagers which can handle up to 20 tonne. We can also supply you with a wide range of ferrules including aluminium, copper, carbon steel and stainless steel with dies to suit. Many other wire rope fittings and end terminations are also available.

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If you need to discuss any aspect of our wire rope presses or other wire rope tools, please give our sales team a call or email us using the contact us page or rapid enquiry button.

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