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Wire rope is an extremely useful piece of equipment, and can be adapted in many ways in order to utilise it for other applications and tasks. One such way it can be changed is through crimping. Trust Rope Services Direct to supply a range of crimping tools to manage all crimping tasks. Find out everything you need to know here.

Our crimping tools

Crimping refers to the process of joining together two pieces of equipment securely and permanently. Perhaps it’s two pieces of metal or, as we usually do, securing a termination onto wire rope. Offering the ultimate in portability our hand-held crimping pliers can be used to securely crimp terminals onto rope.

These crimping terminals are small metallic clips, usually constructed from steel or aluminium, and can help to secure your equipment in a variety of shapes. Perhaps to create an eye loop, for example, the equipment is fed through the terminal, and then the crimping tool presses the piece together, leaving a permanent lock.

The key benefits of our crimping tools are:

wire rope crimping toolThey are strong, tough, compact and very durable. These are qualities that are offered by the rope itself toowire rope crimper

Usually constructed from stainless steel, our crimping tools will be highly resistant to corrosion. May also be manufactured from aluminium or copper, please enquire below

They will provide a strong and safe end termination

Coming in a range of sizes and shapes, they are capable of working with a wide variety of rope

They are portable and easy-to-use with non-slip, grip handles

Perfect for on-site tasks


Our range of wire rope products

Using our own modern facilities, we have the equipment and machines to produce some of the strongest and most reliable equipment on the market. We can produce a number of bespoke products suitable to your exact specifications. When utilised with our range of wire rope fittings and crimping tools, you can enjoy a product that will be more than capable to complete your desired application.

You can use our tools with our selection of wire rope products, which includes:

  • Garage door cables
  • Galvanized, crane, compacted and non-rotating rope
  • Gym cables
  • Slings
  • Theatre cables

Whatever your wire rope, our crimping tools are more than up to the task.

Why use these tools?

Wire rope tools help to enhance the already extremely versatile nature of rope. Some are necessary, such as crimping tools, while others are recommended to extend service life, such as lubrication.

Rope Services Direct manufacture and supply some of the most reliable tools on the market, suitable for a wide range of equipment. We are also more than happy to assist you in modifying your rope if you don’t feel comfortable using the tools on your own!

If you would like to enquire further about our tools and which may be the right for your own operation, then you can find our contact details below.

Get in touch with us today

You will see that we have a wide range of crimping tools, and you will also see there is quite a price difference between models, some of which are for light duty applications only whereas others have far more heavy hydraulic functionality which comes at a higher price! Whatever the price, we always offer competitive rates and extremely cost-effective products.

Call our experts on 01384 78004 who can advise in all aspects of the crimping process and also which tool would be most suitable for you. You can find our other contact details here.

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