Wire Rope Isolators Explained

Wire ropes make for some of the most diverse and adaptable pieces of lifting equipment available on the market. While we are all familiar with their use in conjunction with cranes for the lifting and lowering of loads, they also have many other uses as well. One such use is as wire rope isolators, which we have explained in more detail below.

 What are wire rope isolators?

There are several types of rope isolators, but they all follow a similar structure. Isolators are generally constructed from aluminium mounting plates and steel wire rope, and are used to absorb shocks and vibrations. They are built as heavy duty pieces of equipment, and are constructed to be corrosion resistant, maintenance free and to offer complete isolation in all directions wherever the isolator is being installed.

 The vibrations that an isolator will commonly absorb are shock or noise, and are also able to withstand extreme conditions and temperatures. They are also completely resistant to oils, chemicals, abrasion, and ozone.

 How can they be used?

As isolators are able to work in extreme conditions and to withstand heavy impacts and shocks, their most common use is within the military. They are installed within military equipment, such as tanks, ships, and planes to protect both the equipment and the military service men who are operating them.

wire rope isolators

You will commonly find isolators in military equipment such as tanks, which helps protect the service men and women inside


It is common for these pieces of equipment to have to face explosions and rough terrain, and the isolators absorb most of the shock, keeping everything intact. Isolators can come in various styles, with more compact versions for low profile, smaller areas, and more heavy duty isolators for larger pieces of equipment. Despite the heavy nature of the work that isolators are expected to complete, they have an extremely long life span.


What other uses does rope have?

As well as being used for isolators, it also has plenty of other uses, and finds itself in at least 13 different industries around the world, including the aerospace industry, construction industry, and the manufacturing industry. They are used as Bowden Cables, which helps to transmit forces of energy from A to B, as internal support for construction projects, and even for geothermal cabling deep undersea.

Want to know more?

As can be seen, rope has numerous uses around the world. They have many different qualities that makes them particularly useful, and we are able to manufacture wire rope for your industry of varying sizes, lengths, and dimensions.

If you are interested in hearing more on our stock, or want to know just how it can benefit your industry, please do not hesitate to get in contact with one of our expert team here.



Image credit: marsjo