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Green Pin Open Wedge Socket

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In the market for a superior quality green pin open wedge socket that’s great value too? Then Rope Services Direct could well mean your search is over!

Green pin open wedge socket – resilient and versatilegreen pin open wedge socket diagram

green pin open wedge socketPerfect for a variety of home and garden, marine and commercial arenas, this type of high tensile steel green pin socket is designed to be used alongside any of our wire rope.

Ideal for warehouse, farming jobs, sailing, fishing and other sports, the high tensile finish provides good resistance to weather. These green pin open wedge socket type fittings consist of a basket/cone and a wedge. They enable you to make a temporary connection to the wire rope with the wedge creating a vice like grip on the rope. The rope passes through the basket, around the wedge and back through the basket and then the wedge is pushed into place, the 2 ends are usually secured with a rope grip as shown in the picture.

With such a lot of sizes and designs of sockets at your fingertips, it’s easy to find yourself confused. View the table below for all the technical specifications and sizes. Our wire rope sockets, ferrules and selection of rope grips might be worth taking into consideration too as alternatives, or call us so we can help you decide.

Requesting your socket is easy!

Trading from our premises near Birmingham, RSD is very excited to offer a large range of sockets and other fittings to match any purpose – just send us back a quick form and you’ll have your order in no time. Do you need to speak to our team? Then contact our highly trained staff on 01384 78004 any time for support.

MBL tonsDia Wire Rope mmLength mmLength To Centre Pin mmWidth mmWidth Inside mmPin Dia mmSide Plate T’ness mmEye Dia mm
2514 – 162111768231301570
4018 – 192522129538351680
5520 – 2228824011044411995
7524 – 26329274130515122110
9027 – 29375310145575725130
11030 – 32423350155636428146
12534 – 36474400163696428148
15037 – 39527450178767030153
17040 – 42

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