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Gripple Self Locking Wire Rope Grip

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Can’t seem to find the wire rope grip you need to get finished? We know that searching for a decent, reliable gripple self locking wire rope grip can be trickier than you might initially think! We recommend looking through everything here before making your purchase, to buy the best grip for your needs.

Gripple self locking wire rope grip – solid and versatile

Gripple self locking wire rope gripThere is a large variety of specifications and designs of wire rope, with each one having different diameters, strengths and unique properties. Lockable wire rope grips are constructed to be very versatile and actually stronger than the wire rope.

Each stainless steel grip shows the working load limit and minimum breaking load and also a working load limit which is 1/5 of the MBL, which are visible for safety reasons. They are used by simply pushing the wire rope of the correct diameter through the tunnels, they will be held in place straight away via the spring jaw/wedge type mechanism.  Once in the required location these gripples work even better by quickly tightening the screws to stop any unwanted movement of wedges. This then tightly secures the rope to its intended place until unscrewed for release..

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Gripple self locking wire rope grip

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