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Round stainless steel ferrules

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Round Stainless Steel Ferrules

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For terminating tubular wire ropes and forming an incredibly resilient bond, round stainless steel ferrules are the obvious choice. You can order ferrules of this kind in a range of diameters and lengths from Rope Services Direct either as individual units or as part of our wire rope assemblies.

Reason to Pick Round Stainless Steel Ferrules

The main motivation to invest in stainless ferrules is to form a suitable termination point on a length of stainless steel wire rope. This type of ferrule will not corrode the material, unlike aluminium ferrules of a similar specification.

Custom Round Ferrule Features

Round Stainless Steel FerrulesWe make our rope assemblies to order, so each customer can adapt the size and shape of the units they buy from us. Because we use the latest manufacturing equipment to produce and press the ferrules. They are of the highest quality and offer market-leading levels of strength. If you want a reliable, safe assembly for lifting or any number of other tasks, this is the right type of product to pick.

Our full line up of ferrules includes super-resilient materials such as carbon steel, as well as aluminium and copper fittings. Whatever your needs, they are sure to be met by our range.

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The Rope Services Direct team can be contacted by phone or via our website. You can ring and speak to someone about rope fittings straight away on 01384 78004. Alternatively, visit our contact page and enter your details to get a speedy response.

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