Thin Walled Carbon Steel Ferrules

When applied to wire rope assemblies, thin walled carbon steel ferrules will create a tough, chemically stable termination point that can combat all sorts of corrosion and physical distresses. You can order custom thin walled ferrules from Rope Services Direct, along with ferrules of other materials.

 Thin Walled Carbon Steel Ferrules – Basic Details

thin walled carbon steel ferrulesAs with any metal ferrule, a thin walled unit made from carbon steel will fix the end of a wire rope in place and give you the opportunity to add an attachment or loop it back on itself if necessary.

Thin walled carbon steel  ferrules are composed of two materials which complement one another very well. While aluminium ferrules are more widely used, they are not as capable when encountering high operating temperatures. They also succumb to corrosive substances and environments with greater ease. This is why carbon steel ferrules like this are necessary in certain industries.

Safety Benefits of Carbon Steel Ferrules

Our carbon steel ferrules are made with an expert eye for detail and pressed with equipment that ensures a permanent, immovable fit. This helps make safe lifting achievable in any scenario and accounts for the often hostile atmospheres that wire rope assemblies have to face.

Looking for Ferrule Info & Advice?

You may have a lot of queries about the carbon steel thin walled ferrules we sell here at Rope Services Direct. We can offer expert guidance on rope fittings when you get in touch by calling 01384 78004 or emailing us. We aim to reply quickly and accurately every time.

 Wire Rope Capacity Diameter (mm)Die Identification 
Ferrule SizeFill Factor (f=0.45-0.52) Fibre Core Fill Factor (f=0.58-0.60) Steel Core Dies MarkedDiameter after Pressing Straight length after pressing approx. Required pressure approx.
 MinMaxMinMax mmTolmmkN
1918.319.317.818.71832.4 712000
2120.921.820.321.12135.2 782300
23  21.123.22239 842700
23  22.524.32340 842700
25  23.624.52442.7 933100
25  24.525.52543.3 933100
27  25.527.52645.9 1013500
27  26.728.52746.6 1013500
29  27.928.82849+0.81194300
29  28.929.8295001194300
31  29.930.83053+11244900
31  30.931.8315401244900
33  31.932.83255.2 1325500
33  32.933.83356 1325500
35  33.934.83458.5 1406500
35  34.935.83559.5 1406500
39  37.938.83865 1577500
39  38.939.93966 1577500