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Round Carbon Steel Ferrules

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Made from the toughest material on the block. Our round carbon steel ferrules and end stops are strong, solid and can be specified in the size of your choosing. For use with non rotating wire rope in a number of safe lifting applications, these products offer uncompromising levels of performance.

Round Carbon Steel Ferrules & End Stops Explained

Round Carbon Steel FerrulesWe sell aluminium, copper and stainless steel ferrules. However, for uses where temperatures are more extreme, and damaging substances are  present, carbon steel is a better choice.

Durability of Carbon Steel Ferrules & End Stops

Combined with our modern compression techniques, the carbon steel round ferrules we produce are some of the sturdiest available. Meanwhile the end stops we offer are similarly hard wearing and can cap a wire rope effectively and permanently.

It is not just high temperatures and corrosion that are not enough to trouble carbon steel ferrules and end stops; they are also better at coping with abrasions that come with repeated use. This gives them longer usable life spans and ensures that when you invest in them, you will be getting great value for money as part of a full wire rope assembly.

Get Further Details on Round Ferrules & End Stops

Have you decided that round carbon ferrules are the right choice, but need more info before you make a purchase? Call the Rope Services Direct team on 01384 78004 or email us through our site to get product  and fitting details and quotes.

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