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Aluminium Syncrimp Ferrules

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Although the Rope Services Direct site is packed with cables made from sturdy metals, you can also find rope made from natural fibres. For terminating this type of rope, you need aluminium Syncrimp ferrules. Made for a wide variety of rope types, this specialised ferrule is sturdy and safe.

Features of Aluminium Syncrimp Ferrules

As well as being suitable for use with natural fibre ropes, you can also use this type of ferrule with synthetic materials and more to include manila, nylon, cotton, synthetic ropes and also plastic coated cables and bungee cords. For nylon rope, a Syncrimp ferrule will also be a good choice.

Design of Syncrimp Ferrule Units

Aluminium Syncrimp FerrulesThe design consists of a figure 8 aluminium unit that is slender yet strong enough to create a tight fit when enough pressure is applied. Unlike our other ferrules, the Syncrimp is not designed for use with wire cabling, which is worth bearing in mind. As such its strength of fitting is not in the same league, but it will be perfectly suitable for the applications for which it is intended. Whether for tree climbing, lighter load lifting and other fastening tasks, a Syncrimp ferrule should be more than adequate. We can create custom ferrules that match the design specs you set out, so there is no need to settle for a generic Syncrimp setup.

Get in Touch About Aluminium Syncrimp Ferrules

To learn more about the Syncrimp ferrules or other fittings we sell, or for a quote, contact the Rope Services Direct Team. We can be reached by calling 01384 78004 or by emailing through our site. Ask us anything and we will help solve your ferrule conundrums.

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