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Welcome to the swivel fittings page. Here you can find a good variety of fittings which are suitable for use with ropes. They are perfect for creating specific connections between two ropes. Whether they are the same type or of a different variety. Because these fittings swivel they help to alleviate the issue of twisting and tangling of the rope. Furthermore they can be rotated to the required angle.

Overview of Swivel Fitting Options

We have an excellent range on offer to suit a variety of needs. There is a fitting with an eye at each end, swiveling through the center. We also supply a swivel fitting with an eye on one side and a jaw on the other. Alternatively there is the fitting with a jaw at each end. Within this range we also include some swivel snap shackles which also make great connection fittings.

Browse through our range below to find out more; don’t hesitate to contact us if you need more information or advise.


eye eye swivel fitting   Eye-Jaw Swivel Fitting  Jaw-Jaw Swivel Fitting

fixed snap shackle   swivel jaw snap shackle  swivel eye snap shackle

Eye & Eye Swivel Fittings

A classic eye-eye swivel fitting is most commonly used for sailing applications. As such the fittings we sell are manufactured using high quality materials. They need to withstand the rigours of use in a marine environment. Rain, salt water and intense amounts of strain will all be handled with ease.

Sizes for this type of swivel fitting range between 5mm and 19mm, so you should be able to order the ideal component according to your requirements. The larger the fitting you select, the greater its load bearing capabilities will be, so always keep this in mind as you browse our line-up.

Eye & Jaw Swivel Fittings

Following in the footsteps of our other swivel fittings in terms of durability and strength, our selection of eye-jaw units will survive for extended periods without succumbing to corrosion. Load limits start at 640kg and go right up to a little over 10 tonnes for the largest example. The jaw mechanism makes it easy to remove and reattach this fitting on the fly, which is why they are also often found in the construction of wire rope balustrades, as well as in the world of sailing.

Jaw & Jaw Swivel Fittings

The jaw-jaw configuration of fittings will create a durable point at which two separate ropes or cables can swivel without becoming tangled. Finished in high quality stainless steel, these fittings are built to last and priced competitively.

Fixed Snap Shackles

With a safety catch that snaps close to prevent unwanted uncoupling, our fixed snap shackle options will be a welcome addition to any yacht or boat. Lengths of 52mm to 96mm are available to buy from Rope Services Direct. With break loads of up to 1630kg afforded by this range.

Swivel Jaw Snap Shackles

Our swivel jaw snap shackles are functionally similar to our fixed units, but with a swivelling jaw attachment that lets them limit twisting. The largest example has a lower 1010kg load limit, but it still provides safety in sailing applications of several types.

Swivel Eye Snap Shackles

If you would prefer a swivel eye snap shackle to one with a jaw fitting, this is the product to pick. It has all of the weatherproofing potential mentioned above. As well as a good variety of sizes and strength options to compliment any potential use.

Choosing Swivel Fittings

It is important to remember that when you pick a swivel fitting, it should be the right size and variety for the application you have in mind. You also need to consider its load limit, because this will determine whether or not it is a sensible choice.

Get Help with Swivel Fitting Decisions

Browse through our range to find out more; don’t hesitate to contact us if you need more information or advice. Our team has plenty of experience dealing with customer questions and we can guide you towards the right product, whatever your needs. We can also give you tips about any of the other products we sell at Rope Services Direct, so contact us using the details below.

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Contacting Rope Services Direct is as simple as dialling 01384 78004. Alternatively, you can contact us by email using either the contact us page or the rapid enquiry form which you will find flashing in the top right corner of each page.

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