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Swageless Eye Terminal

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When only the perfect swageless eye terminal(s) will do, then don’t forget to browse our enormous variety at Rope Services Direct.

Swageless eye terminal – adaptable and easy to use

Swageless eye terminalSwageless eye terminals are great for use in putting together many different wire rope arrangements. This is because they offer an ability to be fitted on site with a few simple everyday tools. Swageless eye terminals are generally put to use in commercial and sailing jobs, and in sculptures, art and children’s playground. They come in both metric and imperial threads.

Made of top quality marine steel, swageless eye terminals from RSD are also in line with both ISO9001:2008 and AS9100 rev C standard conditions. This means they’re incredibly long-lasting and won’t succumb to rust even in marine conditions, harsh weather or long term submersion in water.

Not 100% convinced it’s a swageless eye terminal you actually need? Sometimes you just need to shop around, so it might be a good idea to check out our swaged terminals page in addition to our other swageless terminals too. Additionally, there’s a fantastic mix of wire rope available for selection now.                            Swageless eye terminal

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Here at RSD, we strive to offer the best quality products, fittings and excellent customer service. Therefore we offer an amazing variety of swageless stud terminals ready to be delivered. To get your order to us, just fill our rapid form here or feel free to call us any time on 01384 78004.


Wire Dia
Length to Eye Centre mmOverall Length mmEye Dia mmBreak
Load Kg.

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