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Here at Rope Services Direct we supply two types of rope terminals, this page relates to swageless terminals but you may also want to check-out our swaged terminals page. Swageless terminals are a manual hand-fitted process as opposed to a machine driven process.

Utilised with wire rope, they will be securely and safely, fitted onto the end of your equipment. This allows the rope to be utilised in a number of different ways and for a variety of applications.

It is commonplace for wire rope to be completed with end terminations. This is in order to allow it to be utilised for different applications. However, if you are only interested in wire rope alone, you can visit our product page here.

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What does swageless mean?

A swageless terminal or termination is a type of end fitting that will be applied to wire rope. Connection points are easily created between two ropes. Or to create a connection between the rope and an existing fitting on your worksite. Its use will depend upon the type of swageless fitting chosen.

The swageless term refers to the fact that this is only a temporary connection, and will be manually fitted by hand. There are special jaw type parts within the fitting ( you will notice these protruding from the end in the image). Which, when tightened up will clamp onto the rope holding it firmly in place. This is in contrast to a swaged terminal, which has been pressured down by a machine using extreme force and pressure, which creates a permanent fitting.

A major benefit of swageless terminals is that the connection is not permanent and therefore both the terminal and wire rope can be disconnected from each other. They can then be re-used which makes them popular in a range of industries. They can also be fitted on site with the right tools.

You may have more than one need for your rope and many want to use it with more than one type of end termination. For this reason, a swageless termination is recommended in order to grant you this freedom and flexibility.

Typical uses for swageless terminalsswageless terminals

Some common industries where you’ll see swageless terminals being used are the architectural, marine, and oil and gas sectors.

Our other range of wire rope fittings and end terminations

Alongside our swageless terminals and swaged terminals, we offer a wide range of other wire rope fittings too. This extensive range means that you can utilise your rope in many different ways. Adapting your rope, making it perfect for a huge multitude of operations. If you are looking for a permanent fitting, please be sure to visit our swaged terminal above as described.

If you are unsure what the best combination will be for your operation, then we are more than happy to help. You can find our full list of contact details available below.

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It’s not as important that swageless terminals are fitted by the experts as it is with swaged terminals. The latter requires sufficient pressure and force to create the permanent fixing required. However, when buying any equipment that will be used in heavy duty environments and for lifting operations, you always want to ensure that you buy only the best and highest quality gear.

Buy from the experts by calling Rope Services Direct on 01384 78004; we can create the perfect swageless terminal to meet your business needs. If you would like to contact us in a different way, please find our full list of contact details here.


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