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Turn Buckle Eye + Hook

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Turn buckle eye & hook

Are you struggling to find a particular type of turn buckle? Then why not pick something from our range of rigging screws and turn buckles online. Whilst you’re on our website, it might also be worth looking at our swageless terminals too. Rope Services Direct have many types of wire rope fittings available, This page is dedicated to the turn buckle eye & hook termination.

Turn buckle eye & hook – adaptable and functional

Our great value range of hook to eye wire rope tensioners are essential for outdoor and landscaping projects as well as in boat rigging, sculpting and artworks. Made from enduringly resistant marine grade stainless steel, the idea is that they adhere your wire ropes in place once the ideal tension has been achieved.

Fast and easy to adjust, a good tip is to start with your turnbuckle around 50% engaged so you can apply the desired tension once it’s in place. Just rotate the central strainer body by hand when you release the threaded eye and hook ends. When your turn buckle connected, just tighten the turnbuckle by rotating to create the tension.

A key thing to remember is that wire ropes should never get twisted. If they do, they can become dangerously weakened.

                                                          wire rope Turn buckle with eye & hook

Let us know which turn buckle you need

From our expansive warehouse in the West Midlands, at Rope Services Direct we offer turn buckle eye / hook studs in a vast array of designs and styles. If you need some more help with rope fittings or would like to discuss having an item custom made, simply call our friendly team on 01384 78004 for expert advice, or complete our contact form.

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