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If you’re after a particular size or variety of turn buckle for your rigging project, you’re bound to find it from the large range of wire rope fittings on our web pages. Not sure these turn buckle eye & eye fittings are the ones you need? Have a look at our swageless terminals too.

Turn buckle eye & eye – practical and strong

Turn buckle eye & eyeThe incredible range we offer is ideal for outdoor projects and allotments in addition to sail boat rigging, sculptures and works of art. Made from weather-resistant 316 grade metal, they are made to secure your wire ropes correcting when you have discovered the perfect tension. Bronze thread inserts are also added inside all sizes 3/4′ and above, to reduce the chances of the threads becoming seized. They also come with four spanner flats in the middle of the body

Versatile and adjustable by hand, it’s a good idea to being with the turnbuckle 40-50% engaged in order to apply the tension you need once fitted. Once your turn buckle is fitted, all you then need to do is tighten the component by turning it around to give the desired tension.

Don’t forget that wire ropes should never be knotted or twisted or they can be dangerously weakened.


                                                   wire rope Turn buckle with eye & eye

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Thanks to years of knowledge and experience, at Rope Services Direct we offer turn buckles in a handy range of sizes and styles. To give us your order, either phone us or fill in our contact form. If you want to get in touch and ask a question, please feel free to drop our helpful team a line on 01384 78004.


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