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Rigging Screw Toggle + Swage Stud

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When you need a very specific type of rigging screw toggle & swage stud, why not consider something from our range of swaged terminals. Not sure? Feel free to browse our swageless terminals as well.

Rigging Screw Toggle & Swage Stud – ideal for marine conditions

Rigging Screw Toggle & Swage StudRigging Screw Toggle & Swage StudAlso known as adjusters, bottle screws, tensioners or simply rigging screws, these traditionally designed toggles are created from excellent quality 316 grade solid stainless steel bars. This bar is then polished to produce a mirror finish.

With the screw body itself and the toggle at one end, and the swage stud on the opposing end, these studs are specially manufactured for crimping on to end of stainless steel wire rope.

Ample toggle straps are also designed to take the full weight of the load on either side of the eye and pin. This adds extra safety in that they won’t fail due to an unbalanced or moving load. Generally used in conjunction with locking nuts, rigging screw toggles come in a mix of different combinations and are also suitable with Marine Bodies or Open Bodies. They are also resistant to humidity, salty air and sea water.

Rigging screw toggles / swage studs are particularly deployed in wire rope rigging jobs on yachts and sail boats and in leisure and sporting industries.

                                                                     Rigging Screw Toggle & Swage Stud

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Here at Rope Services Direct we sell rigging screw toggles / swage studs in a massive range of sizes. To place an order for your rigging screw(s), all you need to do is fill out our enquiry form here and we’ll get back to you. To speak to us about rope fittings, simply call us on 01384 78004. We’ll be pleased to help.

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