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Rigging Screw Jaw & Jaw

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If you’re shopping around for a high quality rigging screw jaw & jaw, then look no further than our fantastic range at Rope Services Direct.

Rigging screw Jaw & Jaw – lasting and versatile

rigging screw jaw jawRigging screws with jaws are available in a large range of sizes and designs. Jawed rigging screws are extremely popular and are great for use in all sorts of applications including wrestling and boxing rings. This is because they create adjustable tension simply when the body is rotated.

Made of rust-proof stainless steel, they’re suited to both outdoor as well as indoor use and can withstand salt water and sea air. They’re also great for use with wire rope in order to demarcate zones in car parks for example.

Not completely sure if it’s a rigging screw with jaw that will finish the job? Quite often it’s tricky to know exactly what would work best, so why not also have a look at our fittings range of snap hooks and lifting shackles as well. You may also be interested in our fibre rope too.



rigging screw jaw jaw

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From our base in the West Midlands, we are proud to offer a large selection of sizes of rigging screws all in one place. To put in your order, just fill out our short enquiry form here. If you wish to ask a question or need further advice, you’re welcome to call our team on 01384 78004. We’ll be happy to help.



Size (mm)Length Between Pins (mm)Body Length (mm)Jaw Opening (mm)Break Load (Kgs)Pin Size (mm)

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