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Strip dee shackle

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Stainless Steel Strip Dee Shackle

Stainless Steel Strip Dee Shackle

When only a high quality, versatile shackle with a good fatigue life will do, you may want to think about purchasing a strip dee shackle right here on our website.

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Stainless Steel Strip Dee Shackle – versatile and long lasting     

Extremely strong and great for a massive variety of uses, these strip dee shackles are essential for anyone who works in the boating or mechanical sectors. Made from stainless steel, they’re mainly found attached to other stainless less steel products like stainless steel rope.

Very popular in the shipping and pleasure boating industries, the stainless steel means these dee shackles will never rust, including when in constant contact with salt water. Thanks to its excellent fatigue resistance from friction, this type of shackle is typically used for creating connections. Additionally, they are also ideal as a reliable means of anchoring wire ropes and chains and are resistant to the elements so give outstanding wear. Available in a large mixture of sizes between 4 and 19mm so you can find the exact one you need.

Order your strip dee shackle today

Based at our large warehouse in the Midlands, Rope Services Direct supplies strip dee shackles designed for the specific job you need them for. Whether you wish to fix it to a holding rope for cranes, or to own as part of your lifting gear, this could certainly be the fitting you need. To buy your new dee shackle, tell us what you need by using our enquiry form here and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. For more advice or to ask us a question, simply call us on 01384 78004.

Pin Dia mm  Width Inside mm Length to centre of pin mm Diameter Eye mm  Material Thickness mm 
4 10 22 9 5.5
5 12 28 12 8
6 14 30 14 8.5
8 18 48 18 10.5