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Stainless steel bow shackle safety bolt

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Stainless Steel Bow Shackle – Safety Bolt

Stainless Steel Bow Shackle – Safety Bolt

No matter what job you need it for, if you’re in the market for a strong and versatile shackle, a stainless steel bow shackle – safety bolt from Rope Services Direct could be just the thing.

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Stainless Steel Bow Shackle – Safety Bolt – safe and robust

All our safety bow shackles are made from ISO 1.4401/4 stainless steel so are great even in harsh weather and marine conditions. This makes them exceptionally hardwearing, and offers a wide variety of uses in sports, mechanics and sailing. They’re ideal when used with one of our many types of wire ropes too.

Our safety bow shackles are also proof-tested to double their Working Load Limit (WLL) using machinery which is calibrated to the BS EN 10002-2 and NAMAS NIS 0424 standard. It’s vital that you don’t overload the shackle as you risk distorting or bending it out of shape which will damage its structural integrity.

As stainless steel is susceptible to work hardening and stress ageing over time, we highly recommend that you inspect and maintain your shackles regularly.


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We prioritise offering the best value and service by supplying a large range of fittings including safety bow shackles for all sorts of purposes. Whether you choose to secure it to a winch rope or one of our yacht ropes, you’ll almost certainly find the safety bow shackle you need with us. To order your part, please fill out our online enquiry form here. For more information or to speak to a member of our expert team, feel free to contact us on 01384 78004.


Body mm Pin Dia mm Break Load Jaw Gap mm Inside Length mm
5 6 1320KG 10 22
6 8 2000KG 12 29
8 10 3000KG 13 31
10 11 4000KG 17 36
12 16 8000KG 21 48
16 19 12000KG 27 60
20 22 16000KG 32 71
22 25 20000KG 36 84