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Eye Plates & Base Plates

Diamond Base Pad Eye Plate With Ring


Diamond base pad eyes – durable and multipurposeDiamond base pad eyes are made f..

Diamond Base Pad Eyes Diamond Base Pad Eyes

Diamond Base Pad Eyes


Diamond base pad eyes – strong and essentialIdeal for use in the marine and spor..

Four Hole Eye Plate With Ring Four Hole Eye Plate With Ring

Four Hole Eye Plate With Ring


Four hole eye plate fitted with ring – reliable and strongA Four hole eye plate ..

Four Hole Swivel Eye Plate


Four hole swivel eye plate – handy and reliableFour hole swivel eye plates are v..

Four Hole Swivel Eyeplate with Ring


Four hole swivel eyeplate with ring – versatile and strongThese are often used f..

Oblong Base Pad Eye Plates


Oblong base pad eye plates – versatile and toughOblong base pad eye plates are m..

Round Base Pad Eyes Round Base Pad Eyes

Round Base Pad Eyes


Round base pad eyes – robust and simple to useRound base pad eyes are perfect fo..

Round Base Plate With Hook


Round base plate with hook – lasting and durableRound plates with hooks are spec..

Sheet Eye Straps


Sheet eye straps – tough and weatherproofAlthough they’re almost identical to wi..

Square Base Pad Eye Plates Square Base Pad Eye Plates

Square Base Pad Eye Plates


Square base pad eye plates – strong and multipurposeSometimes called “mooring pl..

Threaded Round Eye Plate


Threaded Round Eye Plate – reliable and versatileThreaded round eye plates are p..

Wire Eye Straps


Wire eye straps – handy and robustWire eye straps are excellent when used with o..

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Rope Services Direct are pleased to be able to offer eye plates and base plates with up to a 50-ton capacity. In order to suit a diverse range of applications across a variety of industries.

Particularly popular in marine applications, eye plates and base plates are popular as anchorage points and for lifting alike. If you would like to find out more about this product, where it can be used and how to place an order with us, then please find everything that you’ll need in the various sections below.



Four Hole Eye Plate With Ring  Diamond Base Pad Eye Plate With Ring   round base pad eyes four hole swivel eyeplate ring

four hole swivel eye plate  Square Base Pad Eye Plates   Diamond Base Pad Eyes Threaded Round Eye Plate

sheet eye straps  wire eye straps   round base plate hook  oblong base pad eye plates


More information on eye plates and base plates

eye plates

   Eye plates, or base plates as they are also called, resemble many of our other fitting equipment in that they feature   an‘eye’.  A circle shaped metallic loop, this eye allows equipment, such as wire rope, to be fed through it. Thus holding   the rope firmly in place.

   The difference with this piece of equipment is that the eye is permanently fixed to a plate. A flat and square shaped   metal object. You will find four holes in each corner of this square. Allowing room for nails or screws where it can be   securely fastened into an area, such as a wall.

   The whole object has been designed with strength in mind. And is used to create a firm anchoring point around which   lifting operations or tensioning operations can be completed safely and securely.

   Our eye plates and base plates are offered in stainless steel. So they are not only an inexpensive, yet strong, piece of   lifting gear, but they also have a good level of resistance to corrosion and rust too. This means that they are popular for   both indoor and outdoor use. Hence their popularity within the marine industry. They are commonly used for   applications such as for sun sail shades, or lashing points or mooring plates, and even for gardening & decking applications or architectural rigging too.

Please note that an order doesn’t come supplied with the fixings/screws, please enquire below for more information about this.


Explore our other range of fittings

It’s not just eye plates and base plates that we supply here at Rope Services Direct. We have a range of other pieces of equipment too. Each operation will require a different array of items in order to make it a success, hence the reason we have such a wide range of options available.

You can find our full stock of wire rope here, and accompanying fittings and terminations here. We can also produce special wire rope assemblies to your specifications.

With such a wide array of options on offer from us, we understand if it can be a little confusing. Figuring out which is the right piece of gear for you is tough! It’s important that you get this right to ensure that your operation remains as safe as possible.  So please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via our contact details below, where we will be more than happy to assist you.

Are you ready to place an order?

If you like what you’ve read above and you’re ready to order a quality eye plate, we’re here to help.

Call Rope Services Direct today on 01384 78004 to discuss the best eye plates and base plates for your business. Our experts will be able to provide the support and guidance you will need.

Or, if you would like to view alternative ways of contacting us, please visit our contact page here.


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