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Collared Eyebolt Wood Screw Thread

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Whatever purpose you have in mind, if you’re searching for the perfect collared eye bolt wood screw thread then we should have what you are looking for on this page.

Collared eye bolt wood screw thread – very functional and durable

Collared eye bolt wood screw threadGenerally used to support trailing plants in the garden or for laying wire trellis, collared eye bolts for wood are ideal for screwing directly into timber mounts. For mounting into masonry, all you need to do is add a plastic wall plug. Eye bolts are also often used for attaching guy ropes, yacht ropes and cables.

Also known as vine eyes, eye screws and bent eye lags, wood screw thread bolts also lend themselves to use with lag anchors. They also suitable for loads which are at an angle.

All our highly reliable collared eye bolt wood screw threads are inexpensive to buy and easy to use too. Plus, they won’t rust so are great for things like gardening, climbing, camping and sailing.

Not 100% convinced which screw to buy? With so many types and sizes on offer it’s hard to choose. Also related fittings are rope grips and eye plates as well, so why not take a look at these pages too?

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We are sure you will agree that we stock an amazing range of collared eye bolt wood screw thread to suit any requirement or project. Placing an order from Rope Services Direct couldn’t be easier. Either complete our contact form or call us on 01384 78004 where we are also available for expert support and guidance.



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