Wire Rope Balustrade Fittings and Assemblies

Wire rope balustrade fittings and assemblies

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Wire Rope Balustrade Fittings and Assemblies

2 May, 2023

Wire rope balustrades are an extremely versatile piece of equipment, finding uses in many places around the world. In this article we have covered a little more on just what balustrades are, as well as how they can be utilised; both for personal use and for business use.

What is a wire rope balustrades?

This equipment is comprised of two parts; the steel rope, and an end fitting. We do sell the end fittings separately too, but these balustrades come as ready-made kits, all set for installation. With at least 10 different types of end termination, such as rigging screws, swage forks and thread eyebolts, there are multiple ways that balustrades can be used, making them suitable for many different environments. And, given the strong and sturdy nature of the rope constructed from hard stainless steel, this kit is highly resistant to abrasion and corrosion, making it great for outdoor or harsh environments too. There are also galvanised options too. Here you can see wire rope balustrade being used on this yacht They are essentially barriers, comprised of several horizontal parts (also known as balusters) that is used to create a lined blockade, with gaps in between each baluster. They make for contemporary and modern-looking barriers, that still perform a great job of blocking off a certain section or delivering a stable hold or level of protection to an object. What makes this kit even more handy is that we can create and craft bespoke pieces for you, measured to your exact specifications. This allows you to choose between a range of materials, styles and end fittings to create the perfect final piece for wherever you want to install it. One other big benefit of this type of barrier is that it doesn't block out any of the view, meaning it still does the job while taking nothing away from the environment.

How can wire rope balustrades be used?

The primary use of this tool is to create a barrier, but given the contemporary feel and the fact that it doesn't block out a whole view that just mentioned, it has become a piece of decorative design too. This has seen it being snapped up by the home maintenance industry, where it can be used to form a barrier, while providing a nice feel to any space it occupies too. It's commonly used in places such as garden decking, for balconies, to hold up shelving units, or on staircases; particularly spiral staircases. You will also commonly see this type of equipment being used on boats too - again to form a barrier without taking anything away from the elegance of the boat that it is installed on.

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