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Rope Services Direct is the home of all things wire rope, including wire rope with socket ends. We supply some of the sturdiest and strongest equipment on the market. Rope can be used for a multitude of operations and applications thanks to a variety of components and parts that can be utilised with the wire rope.

These end terminations help to form wire rope assemblies; ready-made items that are set to be utilised in an operation straight away. One such assembly is a wire rope with socket ends, using our very own wire rope socket products. Find all of the information that you need on this item below.

What are sockets?

A socket is a type of end termination that will be permanently fixed to the end of your rope product. This is done in order to create a strong anchoring point for your equipment. It allows it to be utilised in many different scenarios.

They are some of the strongest types of end terminations available and find use in variety of industries, such as the construction or oil rigging sectors.

Wire Rope with Socket Ends available

types of wire rope socketsAs no one lifting operation is often the same, we have a variety of shapes and styles of sockets available. The most popular type of wedge sockets are spelter sockets and swage sockets. These are available in open and closed formats.

We also have swaged and swageless, with the former having been permanently pressed into place using pressure from a machine. The latter being manually fixed by hand. A swageless socket isn’t permanent, which can be a great choice. Especially if you be planning to use your wire rope for more than one type of application.

You will find that we also stock poured sockets, which will use resins in order to bond the wire, and open wedge.

Please note that we also manufacture, stock and supply both wire rope and the accompanying sockets separately. More often than not our clients and customers need assemblies, but we are happy to supply these products on their own too. We can produce individual items or multiples to your requirements.

However, should you simply need the assembly as a whole, you can rest assured you will be supplied with one of the highest quality ones on the market! We strongly recommend that you only ever use the help of the experts in order to fit sockets. This is especially the case if you want them swaged; you must use the right type of machine to ensure that the right level of force and pressure has been applied!

While swageless sockets can be applied using only a pair of pliers, this still won’t create the strongest end termination. If you want to chat with us further about any of this, you can find our contact details below.

Further information

If you want to discuss any of the above further and find out which products are right for your operation, then we would love to have a chat. Please either give us a call on 01384 78004, or find our full list of contact details here.


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