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Bespoke Wire Rope Assemblies

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The nature of many industries and applications has changed dramatically in recent years. The number of projects has increased tenfold. While wire rope has remained a core component of many of these applications, the changing nature of many industries has seen a need for bespoke wire rope assemblies to be utilised in many different ways.

Using custom wire rope assemblies enables efficient operations It’s rarely a “one size fits all” approach with rope. Bespoke assemblies can ensure that your operation runs as smoothly as possible.

Here you will find all of the detailed information that you need regarding our bespoke range. As well as contact details should you wish to place an order.

Bespoke Wire Rope Assemblies from Rope Services Directspecial wire rope assemblies

You probably don’t notice the wire ropes in use all around us. Some industries use bespoke wire rope assemblies to suit specific tasks. Such as gymnasiums, security companies, theatres, TV studios, garage door companies, transport companies, architectural suppliers, landscaping and horticulture industries and many more. Bespoke wire rope assemblies are used in many tasks. Often used for sign hanging tasks, catenary cables and other suspension applications.

Because these assemblies are bespoke, you cannot just go and buy one. Our ropes are custom made to order to your requirements. Rope Services Direct has the machinery and expertise to produce the majority of wire rope assemblies. We can easily customise them to suit your specific requirements.


rope assembly configurationsThere are many different configurations available on all wire rope assemblies. The wire rope itself is available in a vast range of dimensions and constructions. It can be made up in any length you require. The fittings normally used at each end of the assembly are wide and varied. You can have the same fitting at each end or different ones, the choice is yours. Soft or thimble eyes at each end are probably the most popular type of rope assembly. We are also asked for forks, turnbuckles or just fuse and tapered ends. Eye and stud assemblies are also available, as well as wire rope assemblies with socket ends.

Some fittings are available in standard galvanized steel, others come in stainless steel, some types are available in both.

Measuring Rope Assemblies

It is important to measure accurately to the specific points for a perfect fit of the wire rope assembly. When taking measurements we determine lengths at different points on different types of wire rope fittings. For eye fittings the measurement is usually taken to the centre of the eye. On forks to the centre of the pin, with thimbles, to the tip of the bearing surface and on stud fitting, to the very end. If you need your wire rope assembly made to a particular overall length then please notify us when ordering that the length is to include the fittings, end to end.

It’s crucial that you rely on the help of the experts when looking to manufacture bespoke products, rather than attempting to create them yourself. Using our in-house facilities, we proof load and test all of our equipment. This is so we can guarantee the results that it will offer under certain circumstances and situations. Enlisting the help of anyone other than the experts can leave you with an unpredictable and unsafe product.

All of our products, whether bespoke or not, are fully traceable and are produced in accordance with all relevant ISO standards.

                                                                            wire rope assemblies measuring points

Need help?

Bespoke assemblies can be used for almost any industry. But if you are unsure what the right kind of product or assembly combination is for you, then don’t worry! We’re here to help. By taking a look at our wire rope pagefittings page and assemblies page you’ll begin to get a good idea of the products that we stock and which might be right for you.

Still struggling? No problem at all. It’s important that you get this combination just right. Not only to ensure that you maximise efficiency within your operation, but that you keep everyone safe too.

You can find our full list of contact details below, where we will be happy to help you find the perfect assembly for you.

Order your bespoke wire rope assemblies today

Made-to-order wire rope assemblies can be a little more complicated. Thus it will be a slightly longer process than purchasing one of our ready-made products, so that is something to bear in mind. You can see the full list of assemblies that we currently supply here.

However, should you have requirements or specifications that don’t match with what we currently have, then we would be more than happy to create a bespoke product for you. If you want to find out more about this, as well as turnaround times and payment options, please either call us on 01384 8004 or get in touch with us here.

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