Wire rope Advantages

Wire rope advantages

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Wire rope Advantages

26 August, 2016
There is plenty of lifting and hoisting equipment available on the market, in a variety of different materials, lengths, strengths, and with various service lives. The material in question stands as one of the sturdiest, most reliable and most efficient solutions on offer; we look below at five major advantages of the material. 


1)    Less likely to break

Perhaps the biggest of the advantages of wire rope is that it is made up of several strands woven together, which have themselves been constructed by weaving together several wires.  This creates a sturdy material that is formed from multiple wires with a core in the middle, with this core providing great reserve strength. wire rope A sturdy, reliable alternative for all of your lifting needs

1)    Low weight

Another of the advantages is that despite this increased level of strength, it has minimal weight and size compared to something like a heavy iron chain, without compromising on its effectiveness. Despite its low weight, it still has great flexibility.

2)    Longer service life than chains

Although metal chains can handle a large load, if one link in that chain breaks or suffers a defect, then the whole length of the chain is rendered useless. If wires or a strand within a rope break or snap, the load can still be supported by the rest of the strands, especially the strong core. We would, of course, recommend disposing of any defective ropes immediately however to ensure safety.  But should there be any breakage midway through lifting, it should be able to safely maintain the rest of the load. wire rope It is are a more reliable alternative than wrought iron chains 

1)    Wide variety of wire rope

It comes in all shapes and sizes, with different cores, lays, strands, and diameters as well as different ways of utilising your rope. This means that it’s highly adaptable nature is useful for a number of different industries, including in farming, shipping, manufacturing, forestry, and construction, to name just a few.  

2)    Bespoke assembly

As well as the actual rope itself coming in a wide variety of finishes, there are also numerous end terminations that can be fitted on to the end of the lifting equipment. These include rope grips, thimbles and turn buckles to name but a few! This extensive range of endings means it can be used for a wide number of applications with a number of different benefits. 

Our range

The advantages listed above are the main benefits of using the material, and each goes a long way in making ropes efficient and safe in any industry that they are used in. For our full range please click here, or if you’d like more information get in contact with us here.   
Image credits to elemenop and tsaarni