Wire Rope Accessories

Wire rope accessories are invaluable for users of ropes; we have listed some of the most popular accessories to buy to help use and maintain your equipment. N.B., although some would classify rope fittings (e.g. eyebolts, shackles, thimbles and sockets) as accessories, these are excluded from this article. 

Cable grips

Cable grips are efficient and one of the well-known accessories used as a method of securing the material in question. Cable grips can be re-used provided they are inspected before each use, and they have a wide range of other uses too. Cable grips are primarily used to secure two sections of rope together and are commonly used to form an eye at the end of the rope for easy anchoring.

Wire Rope Grips - wire rope accessories


Cleaners are most frequently supplied in spray form and are ideal for extending the material’s life. Particularly effective for cleaning stainless steel, cleaners will remove rust stains, dirt and grime which accumulate over time. Cleaners not only have a functional use but they also keep your rope looking as neat and attractive as possible too. One of the best accessories.

For the perfect finish it’s also advisable to use a cleaning brush to polish off the last remaining areas of dirt/grime, etc. 

Wire Rope Lubricants

Lubricants are an essential accessory to buy to extend the life and increase the safety of use of the lifting medium. Synthetic lubricants add a film of slip resistance to the surface of a wire.


Wire rope lubricant - wire rope accessories

Lubricants are essential for optimal performance

It is vital to use specially designed lubricants, these will ensure high-quality functional grip in the most challenging of environments. Lubricants will also not build-up with repeated applications of the lubricant, which is important for effectiveness.

Rope cutters

There are various types of rope cutters available; this is an invaluable tool that is in frequent use. These easily cut through aluminium, steel and copper wires as well as other items such as multi ropes and electric cables.

It’s best to use specialist cutters when cutting the material as these whilst cutting will grip the rope and prevent untwisting of rope ends.

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Image Credit: Industrial Products Canada