The Use of Wire Rope in the Rail Industry

The use of wire rope in the rail industry

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The Use of Wire Rope in the Rail Industry

21 March, 2017
One industry where we see wire rope being used extensively is within the rail industry. It has a long history of use within this industry, but is still used in modern times today. We have looked into this in more detail in our article below.  

Why is wire rope used within the rail industry?

There are several  reasons as to why rope is used within the rail industry. Firstly, it is due to its qualities that make it so useful in other industries, such as construction, engineering and warehousing. It is a strong and sturdy piece of lifting equipment that doesn’t rely on one strand or wire alone to operate. It is also corrosion resistant, making it the ideal piece of gear for use outside.  

How is it used within the rail industry?

With the above in mind, wire rope is utilised in the rail industry in a number of ways. The first of these is to pull overhead line conductors over great distances. This style is a more dated form of rail construction, and can be seen dating as far back as the 1880s. You don’t see overhead lines being used as commonly in modern day rail setups, but it does still exist in one form or another in many places. rail industry You will find that rope is used in many different ways in the rail industry, mostly as overhead or underground cabling   As well as featuring in overhead lines, it can also be used in lines beneath the tracks too. These underground lines are perfect for where no overhead lines can be used, and for where the path they are being placed under needs to remain clear of raised tracks. A classic example of this still in operation today is the Clay Street Hill Railroad in San Francisco; famous for its tram system that has become a major tourist attraction. A final use within the rail industry is for when it is used as a lifting accessory for cranes. Cranes are frequently used in this industry to load up freight trains with produce or other goods, and wire rope is the equipment piece of choice when it comes to heavy lifting tasks, due to its strong and reliable nature.

Other industries where the lifting medium is used

It’s not just the rail industry that wire rope is used in. While you may be familiar with it being used for lifting and lowering tasks, did you know that it is used in over a dozen other industries around the world? With its strong core, electrical conductibility and other qualities, it isn’t surprising that it is so extensively used. If you have other questions, simply get in contact with us here.    
Image credit: Tuur Tisseghem