The Use of Wire Rope in the Marine Industry

The use of wire rope in the marine industry

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The Use of Wire Rope in the Marine Industry

2 January, 2017
As with the military industry or the automotive industry, the marine industry places a great deal of emphasis on reliable, safe, and sturdy equipment that can protect vessels that are likely to come under incredible pressures and strains. Below we have taken a look at how wire rope is used within the marine industry.

 Why is wire rope used within the marine industry?

 The marine industry has the need for wire rope in multiple ways, whether it’s for the construction of the ships themselves at the start of the process or for the mooring of the vessels to the dockyard. Whatever the use is for wire rope, the tasks involve heavy pressures and strains, or heavy loads. You certainly can’t use a thin piece of rope to moor a huge vessel in a dockyard! The lifting material has been designed for multiple tasks that have much strain and pressure, making it the perfect solution for the marine industry.

 How is wire used within the marine industry?

 At the very beginning of the marine process, wire rope is used for the construction of the vessels themselves. This is because it is almost always used with the cranes in the cranes and lifting sector for the construction and engineering industries. Ships are made up of incredibly large and heavy parts, and wire rope is the perfect tool to help move these pieces around a construction site. marine industry Wire rope is used heavily within the marine industry, with everything from constructing the vessels themselves to moving loads around a dockyard   As well as the lifting and lowering tasks that are conducted to help construct the vessel, you will also find cranes on the ships and in the dockyards themselves to help move cargo around. As with the above point, rope is the perfect solution for moving around these heavy loads. You’ll also find wire rope within the military industry for any military ships and vessels, used as rope isolators to absorb vibrations from things such as explosions.   The material is also used to moor vessels at a dockyard. These ships are obviously incredibly heavy in weight, and rope is one of the only pieces of equipment that can hold it in place reliably without the ship floating away! Finally, it is also used for yacht rigging.  So, as can be seen, it has a number of different uses within the marine industry. With everything from lifting and lowering tasks to vibration absorbers, the lifting medium has multiple functions and features!

 Think you may need some rope for your industry?

  As well as within the marine industry, the material also finds uses in many other industries, including aerospace, construction, engineering, and home maintenance industries. If you have need for rope within your own industry, or are unsure whether or not it’s the right piece of lifting equipment for you, then one of our team would be more than happy to assist you.    
Image credit: Axel Ahoi