The Use of Wire Rope in Home Maintenance

The use of wire rope in home maintenance

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The Use of Wire Rope in Home Maintenance

10 March, 2017
We commonly associate wire rope being used with heavy lifting tasks, on construction sites, or for engineering. It is associated with operations and tasks, rather than an end product itself. However, you may be surprised to learn that it can also be used in home maintenance, both for aesthetic reasons and for safety. Below we have explained in more detail how wire rope is used for home maintenance.

 Why is wire rope used within the home maintenance industry?

The material is primarily used within the home maintenance industry for two reasons. The first  is because of the quality of the rope, which you are probably well aware of by now. The rope is both strong and flexible, and works well outdoors  with a good level of resistance to corrosion. Secondly, the rope can blend in nicely with its surroundings, and have an aesthetically pleasing effect on the eye. We’ve covered this in more detail below. home maintenance A rope balustrade, used in home maintenance  

How is it used within the home maintenance industry?

  One way that the lifting medium is used within the home maintenance industry is for balustrades. This is where rope is used to create a barrier between two areas, therefore making it a safety item. It can also be used to make these balustrades look attractive.   We find that many of our customers want balustrades for their home, often to corner off areas such as decking, but they obviously want this area to look stylish too. A wire rope balustrade is the best solution for this. They also come in a range of sizes and with a range of end fittings, meaning you can choose between a variety of styles to match your home.   This provides other benefits, as it means that your view will be maximised, unobstructed by large barriers, and a wire rope balustrade will stay clean as opposed to glass panels. You can also choose to have your design horizontally or vertically, and the metal often blends in nicely with wooden decking; given a modern, contemporary feel. The stainless steel rope won’t rust either, making it the perfect choice for outdoor areas.   Alongside this, it is commonly used in the home for opening garage doors, for hanging shelves, for forming a barrier on stairs, or for holding two parts of a separating tree together. Finally, you’ll also see wire rope being used for plumbing, gas and heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC).   Clearly, the lifting material has a huge role to play in home maintenance, for both aesthetic reasons and for maintenance reasons!  

In what other industries is it used?

  As well as being used for home maintenance, the material also finds itself having its own home within over a dozen other industries. For more information on these industries, please see our article titled Wire Rope Uses Across Different Industries and Sectors. If you have any questions that you can’t find answered in these articles, you can reach us here.  
Image credit: Elite Balustrade