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Our range of lifting slings are some of the best in the business, helping to serve dozens of industries up and down the UK. With each sling designed for a specific purpose in mind, they can be utilised for many applications. Find out more about our mesh slings and purchasing options here.

What are mesh slings?

mesh slingA mesh is a type of barrier that is constructed from strands of ductile materials such as metal or fibre. The mesh slings that we manufacture here at Rope Services Direct are made from alloy, stainless steel or carbon. Their pattern looks very similar to a web, given the way that these strands are woven into each other. The final product looks similar to other lifting slings.

Metal mesh slings are widely used in industries such as steelmaking where loads are hot and abrasive, as well as environments in which nylon and webbing slings would be prone to cutting and piercing.

They offer a strong, reliable and ductile alternative to other types of lifting slings on the market. They won’t suffer damage from many of the harmful elements that we have mentioned above.

We can supply this product to match your specifications.

Things to consider with this product

While our mesh slings still fall under the lifting sling category, they are different to many of the other products within this range. The majority of our lifting slings are manufactured from material such as polyester. Whereas our mesh based slings are a metal based product. With this comes a greater lifting strength to many of its counterparts.

They come in both a heavy duty and light duty variety. Meaning they are suitable for a wide range of lifting operations. And, as with many of our lifting products, they come in a range of widths and lengths too. Given this range of specifications, and the variety of safe working loads, there are clearly several options on offer for you and your operation.

Before purchasing, we recommend that you speak to one of our expert team. We can advise which will be the best choice for your operation. Please find our contact details below.

Keeping your product safe

As this mesh sling is constructed from metal, and therefore different to our other lifting slings, the maintenance and storage advice differs slightly. While all of our products arewire mesh slings manufactured under all relevant guidelines and safety standards, it is still important that you take good care of them, and use and store them in the right way.

Given the metallic nature of this product, you’ll need to factor in potential corrosion damage if being used outdoors. While the stainless steel version has a good level of resistance to this, the mesh sling will naturally suffer wear and tear damage over time.

If you have any doubts about what to look for, or if you need to re-mesh your sling, then we’re here to help.

Order your mesh slings today

Mesh slings are designed with endurance in mind, but where necessary we can re-mesh your slings to elongate life. Heavy and light duty versions are available from Rope Services Direct, perfect for a range of lifting operations.

If you would like to discuss this or one of our other products in greater details the, please call us on 01384 78004. You can discuss your options and place an order. Alternatively, you can find all of our details listed under the contact page here.

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