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6000kg Web Sling

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Firstly a 6000 KG  web sling will suffice for the majority of everyday lifting operations.  Secondly the 6 tonne web sling is easy to identify, due to the brown colour coding. Because we carry good stocks, you can order your 6t lifting sling today. Furthermore it makes little difference whether you order one or more sling with the addition of extra equipment, no order is too small or large.

Web slings for lifting 6 tonne safely

6 tonne web slingBecause our web slings are UK manufactured, you can be assured they are reliable and made to the highest standards. If you’re in the mechanical or motor trade, they are certainly a good alternative to single use one way slings or as a tow rope in order to recover cars, trucks, boats etc. On both ends of the sling, the beckett finished eyes  are robust and additionally come complete with polyester inserts. These offer phenomenal strength particularly for larger jobs.

So these are ideal for commercial applications, higher load web slings for instance are perfect for construction operations. In addition to load moving applications and many other lifting tasks. Equally important to remember is the maximum this sling can support is 6000 kg. Furthermore it is highly dangerous to put any extra weight on it above this limit. With this in mind look at other web slings too, to see if there’s a better alternative.6000 kg web sling

Ready to place your order for a 6000 KG web sling?

In conclusion we can provide many web slings at 180 mm wide. In addition to lengths from 2 metres up to 10 metres, all in one place, right here. Finally to get your order to us be sure to complete our quick order form.

Above all do you have a question about lifting slings? If so you can simply email us with your questions. On the other hand we can be contacted at 01384 78004 to answer them personally.


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