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12000 kg Web Sling

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Only interested in quality, durable high strength lifting slings then our 12000 KG web sling could be ideal. You’ll be glad to know your search has ended at RSD.

12000 KG web sling for heavy duty lifting

Each individual web lifting slings meets lifting industry standards and is manufactured in the standard orange colour for heavy duty web slings.12000 KG web sling

12 tonne web sling Exceptionally tough and good value too, this extremely high tolerance lifting sling could be an ideal tow rope for very large vehicles, sailing boats, yachts and other sizeable structures. They are used instead of single use one way slings for haulage jobs or in addition to other lifting equipment. Each sling has a beck format eye at both ends. They incorporate polyester inserts for added strength.

Many industrial operations rely on these heavy duty 12 tonne web slings.

Note: It is critical that the web sling you choose does not become overloaded. To make sure you purchase the correct sling for the job, it’s highly recommended you check the load weight you’re likely to be lifting before looking at all the web slings we have for sale. It is also imperative that you have your web slings inspected regularly by a competent person. Such as our team at Rope Services Direct.

Tell us your requirements for your 12 tonne lifting sling

With a wealth of experience in the lifting industry, we source many 12000kg web lifting slings for our customers. Use our easy order form to tell us what you need.

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