10000 kg Web Sling

One of the strongest, most robust web slings to buy, a super-durable 10000 KG web sling from Rope Services Direct is ideal for heavier lifting. These 10 tonne web slings are orange in colour and come in a range of lengths from 2 – 10 metres. Special, bespoke sizes may be possible, so get in touch if you need a specific length.

10000 KG web sling –robust and reliable

heavy duty web slingAt Rope Services Direct, we are able to supply superior quality, British or European manufactured web lifting slings all matching DIN-EN-1492-1 requirements. These are the perfect product to lift, move and transport heavy items such as boats and large vehicles safely. Every sling offers the maximum strength to width ratio thanks to its double ply Duplex design. The reinforced eye construction means unbeatable durability.

10000 kg web slings from Rope Services Direct are essential in the many industries. Used in motor and haulage trades, and in construction and engineering operations too. However, it is extremely dangerous to overload them with a weight which is more than they were made for. So, if you’re not sure which web sling you require for the job, see our alternative web slings as well. We also supply many other types of lifting slings such as wire rope slings, round slings and chain slings which may suit your needs better.10000 kg web sling

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Just send us back your completed order form to tell us what you need. With our extensive experience, we always have plenty of safe working load products in stock. All at our Dudley warehouse ready and waiting to go.

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