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Moulded Protective Sleeves

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In addition to light and heavy duty  protective sleeving, you can find moulded protective sleeves made of ultra-durable polyurethane right here at Rope Services Direct.

Perks of Polyurethane Moulded Protective Sleeves

Moulded Protective Sleeves for wire ropeProtective sleeves for wire rope slings that are moulded from polyurethane offer a lot of advantages over standard webbing tubes or stitched assemblies. They are surprisingly flexible and hard-wearing, so the versatility of the sling will not be compromised.

The corrosion-resistant coating keeps the rope in tip top condition for longer. Whilst also insulating it against high temperatures and even electrical currents. Hazardous environments, where exposure to compromising conditions is inevitable would benefit from this sleeving.

We can apply the coating to a lifting sling at our manufacturing facility.

Importance of Lifting Kit Safety

Investing in high quality moulded sleeve is not just about keeping your slings free from corrosion and saving money. It is also important from a safety perspective, ensuring that your slings comply with regulations and minimise the likelihood of injuries being suffered by employees. A combination of sturdy kit and safe practices will keep you on the right track.

Please remember to thoroughly inspect all lifting equipment including ropes, slings and sleeves on a regular basis. This ensures you comply with current regulations and give yourself peace of mind that your product is safe to use. RSD can offer professional inspections when required. Safety is paramount where lifting operations are concerned.

Ask us about Sleeving Products and more

Choosing protective sleeving can be a challenge. Especially if you are not familiar with the ins and outs of this type of product. To get the advice and guidance you need, email Rope Services Direct or call 01384 78004 to speak with someone who can help you out immediately.

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