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We have a range of lifting slings available here at Rope Services Direct, perfect for many applications and operations. One such variety is our coated slings. Both web slings and wire rope slings can be coated to offer extra protection.

Rope Services Direct can supply a range of coated slings, which are particularly suited to more hazardous and challenging environments. The Secutex S2 coating is applied to both sides of a web sling. Penetrating into the fibres to form a super strong bond. This ensures that the sling can be used on either side. Single side coating may also be available. As with all slings, these are available in a range of lengths and widths. They are colour coded to load limits to comply with industry standards. Secutex coated slings provide the highest protection from sharp edges of the loads that need to be lifted.

We have our very own modern manufacturing facilities onsite here at Rope Services Direct. Therefore we are able to design, produce and test all of our equipment before supplying it to our customers. This is no different with our coated slings. And, having our own facilities means that we can offer bespoke products that fit your exact specifications too.

What is a PVC coating?

coated web slingThe coating of slings has a major benefit of extending the product lifecycle by providing an outer layer which protects against moisture penetration, acids & alkalis, general corrosion and “wear and tear”.

This coating can come in the form of PVC, also known as vinyl or polyvinyl chloride, to give its full name. It is a type of plastic, what is called a thermoplastic. Constructed from 57% chlorine and 43% carbon. It doesn’t rely on non-renewable energies, so is therefore an environmentally-friendly material.

By being protective against some of the harmful elements that we looked at above. Such as moisture and chemicals, plus others such as fire, this PVC coating is perfect for hazardous environments. Lifting gear is necessary in many types of industries, and these harmful elements are often present.

And, even if harmful substances aren’t present, then all lifting equipment is subject to the “wear and tear” we mentioned throughout their service lives. They often handle heavy loads on a daily basis. Not to mention abrasion damage that they might suffer by running over harsh surfaces. The PVC coating helps add a protective barrier against any knocks and scratches that these lifting slings may be subject to.

Things to consider with lifting slings

Its important to note that the majority of our lifting sling products are markedly different to our other lifting range of wire ropes. While we do offer wire rope slings, generally our lifting slings arecoated slings made from more lightweight, flexible materials such as web slings and round slings.

This brings with it both advantages and disadvantages, and you must consider these before making any purchases. Their disadvantage comes from the fact that they may not be as strong as our wire rope range. But, for the applications they are purchased for, they are more than capable of completing the job. Whilst providing a safe and efficient piece of equipment.

And, their flexible and lightweight nature makes them easy to handle, as well as offering the ability to be tied around awkward and complex shaped loads. If you think that a coated sling might be the right product for you, then we be happy to discuss it further. Please enquire below.

Find out more about our coated slings

Lifting slings have proven to be one of the most useful and reliable pieces of lifting equipment on the market. The fact that they can be utilised with a number of other tools, such as PVC coating, further adds to their adaptability.

To discuss your needs and place an order for coated slings, or to chat about one of our other products, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us. Call Rope Services Direct today on 01384 78004, or find a list of our other contact details here.

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