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Chain blocks provide versatile lifting solutions. They are used in many settings including construction, factories, rigging, warehousing and more. A chain block is ideal for use on jib cranes and mobile lifting gantry systems.

A chain block may also be referred to as a manual chain hoist, hand chain hoist or block and tackle. Activated manually these hoists are great for lifting heavy loads.

About Chain Blocks

Basically a chain block works by attaching a load, and subsequently pulling down on one of the chains, the chain runs over a gear to raise the load, this increases the mechanical work beingchain blocks carried out by the gear ratio inside the devices housing.

Chain blocks are available in various forms with differing lifting capacities; Some varieties of these chain blocks come with an integrated trolley for convenience, though a beam trolley can be purchased separately too. and there is also the popular 360 degree chain block which allows full rotation to enable the user to work in nearly all positions, even above the load.

Chain blocks have a brake system to allow the load to be held in a raised position. Most also have an overload prevention system for extra safety sometimes this may be an optional extra; other extras available are chain buckets, which keep the excess chain tidy and out of the way.

Benefits of a Manual Chain Hoist

A chain block provides a convenient and versatile method to lift heavy loads. Chain blocks are quick to fit, portable and cost effective. They are extremely useful for finer, accurate control of the load. Manual chain hoists are frequently used in areas such as workshops.  Also anywhere that using an electric hoist isn’t suitable due to lack of power supply or because of hazardous environments.

Chain blocks are compact and therefore relatively portable and offer a great lifting solution for buildings with limited headroom and come in a diverse range with various load capabilities.

We sell arrange of chain blocks as well as other types of lifting gear from leading manufacturers such as Gunnebo, Hacketts, Yale and more.  Operation and performance standards of our chain hoists are met. Call us on 01384 78004 and let us know your requirements and we will find the perfect chain block for you. You can of course get in touch via email, either by clicking on the rapid enquiry form or the contact us page.


There are many important safety aspects to consider before using a manual chain hoist / chain block, here we have listed some basic do’s and don’ts.


  • Use defective blocks, or accessories
  • Stand under the load
  • Replace chain with a longer length without consulting supplier
  • Expose to chemicals, consult supplier
  • Expose the chain block to the elements, steam or water spray
  •  Lift load over workers
  • Lift persons
  • Tip the load
  • Exceed the WLL
  • Drag or drop the chain block


  • Inspect before use, checking for defects, and brake working
  • Have chain block inspected regularly by qualified person and repaired if necessary
  • Store and handle correctly
  • Check bottom hook will reach lowest point without running the chain out fully
  • Adopt safe slinging practices
  • For top hook suspension use hooks with safety catches
  • Check the block is safely rigged, ensure chains are not twisted
  • Check load is free to move, making sure area is clear
  • Pull chain smoothly, never jerk
  • Raise load just clear, then STOP, and check all aspects before continuing
  • Place load directly in line with top hook, keeping centre of gravity where possible.



A popular choice in our lifting gear range is our manual chain blocks, available in a wide range of lifting capacities ranging from 500kg up to 30,000kg and due to the fact that they are available in a variety of heights of lift there is a chain block suitable for the majority of manual lifting applications. These quality, heavy duty chain blocks incorporate a zinc plated hand chain as well as a zinc plated, calibrated load chain in grade 80 steel. Both the top hook and load hook incorporate safety catches. These manual chain hoists / chain blocks are maintenance friendly, requiring minimum effort to keep them running smoothly.

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