Chain & Hooks

ope Services Direct can supply all types of chain & hooks which are suitable for use with standard load binders and ratchet chain binders.

We can make up a chain to suit the length you require, complete with any type of chain component, although hooks with safety catches are the most commonly used with a chain binder. There are a range of chains available with differing lashing capacities so there should be something to suit your needs.

Chain & Hooks

Chains & hooks along with load binders are commonly used by transport companies for securing heavy weight cargo which is often of the industrial variety. Rope Services Direct can, however also manufacture and supply a wide range of other cargo and ratchet lashing systems. Our range includes ratchet straps, cam buckles and tie-down rope. We can offer a made to measure service on most of our webbing products thanks to our own industrial sewing facilities. Thus we can cater for all your cargo securing and lashing requirements.

We only use quality chain and components for our load binders. Standard lever load binders can have chain sizes of either 8-10mm or 10-13mm.  Ratchet chain binders have a wider range of chain sizes to match the wider range of binders. Chains are available in 8, 10, 13 & 16mm sizes. All our chain and components will have an EC declaration of conformity.

Chain Components

We can supply any type of hook to work with your chosen chain. The clevis type hooks are most commonly used with load binders due to their easier fitting to the chain. These can be supplied with or without a safety catch, though the safety catch option provides a much safer connection. The chain cannot become detached due to the fact that the catches are spring loaded. They can only be opened when firmly pressed.

chain & hooksWe can also supply you with many other types of components as well as different types of chain to suit the majority of lifting and lashing applications. Swivel hooks and grab hooks are other popular choices which work well with chaining operations. Snap hooks and swivel snap hooks are also available for quick connections. We can also offer a range of lifting rings and links as well as shackles to create alternative and easy connectors.

Alongside the supply of load binders, chain and hooks we can also offer chain inspections and load tests. So your equipment complies with the necessary safety standards. Chain repair services are also available for your convenience. This can often be much more cost effective than replacing the whole chain.

In Conclusion

So if you require any type of chain & hooks arrangement, need your existing chain tested or repaired then give our sales team a call on 01384 78004. They will be happy to discuss your chain and hooks needs, to determine which chain & hooks combination will be the best one for your application. Chains for testing, inspecting and/or repair can be sent to our factory. Collection is sometimes available depending on location. When the work is completed they can then be collected from us. We can also courier them back to you, just let us know your requirements.