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Terms & Conditions of Service Page | Rope Services Direct

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Terms & Conditions

These are the Terms & Conditions for Rope Services Direct.

Please ensure that you read the terms & conditions below. Before you use this site because the conditions detailed will form part of any contract. No variation of these in any other document of your own can be accepted. They will be ineffective and will not apply unless agreed by us in writing. The terms and conditions of any  RSD sale are deemed to be final.

You must be 18 to purchase the products shown. Equally using the payment methods available on our site.

Buying any products

Please follow the procedures specified when ordering any product. You can view prices and estimated delivery along with payment procedures on our website. These dates and times are estimates only. However we ensure every effort is made so your order is received within the specified time frame. But we cannot accept any liability for any lateness of delivery or its consequences.

Payment will be due at the time of order. Furthermore the price shown is deemed to be current at the time of order.  But we do change our prices at intervals. Therefore you must ensure you check and confirm costs between any general browsing of our site and eventual order.

We will endeavour to fulfil any order by the dates set out in the confirmation. But if you have any urgent and crucial dates then you should ensure that we can achieve them prior to order.

RSD reserve the right to refuse any order placed by you for whatever reason.

We will confirm your order by email using the email address supplied to us on your order.

It is essential that the details you give us for the purpose of the order are correct. Any debit/credit card or any other method of payment is your own and you have complete authority to use it. There must be sufficient funds available or credit facilities to cover the cost of the products we will supply.

Any payment transaction is processed by the relevant merchant provider.  Card payment information is entered onto the merchant providers systems. Which are secured using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption.  No card information is entered or stored onto this website.

Delivery Terms & Conditions

Deliveries will be made by outside courier services and our aim will be for next working day. (Not guaranteed) i.e. Monday for Tuesday/ Friday for Monday.

To help us to achieve next working day delivery your order must be confirmed before 2pm. But is subject to stock availability.

All delivery charges are based upon the total weight of the consignment. If you have any special delivery requirements they would need to be agreed at the time of the order. It is essential that someone be available to accept the delivery and sign any courier notes.

Any damage should be reported to Rope Services Direct Ltd in writing on the day goods are delivered. But in any event the carrier will accept no responsibility for damage unless a claim is made within 3 days of delivery.

Cancellations & Returns

Cancellation of orders will only be accepted if agreed by us and confirmed in writing. Please note any non-stock items i.e. goods manufactured to your specific dimensions may be subject to a charge. This is relative to any work carried out.  You can not return cut lengths of webbing or rope.

Any returns must also be confirmed in writing and agreed by our sales office. The return may be subject to a 15% handling charge.

All returns will be at your own cost and the item should be returned in its original packaging and in an unused and ‘as new’ condition. Any ‘returns’ paperwork should show our returns authorisation number clearly marked. Any complaints or concerns should be made directly via e-mail, post or phone.

In any instances of services to be performed by Rope Services Direct Ltd on any items belonging to the buyer, then the buyer warrants that they have full and legal title to the goods and the buyer will also indemnify the company against any and all claims by any other person or organisation claiming any interest.

The goods will also be deemed to be free from any defect which may cause any services or procedure by the company to be harmful or dangerous.

Warranty Terms & Conditions

At the discretion of the company we will repair or replace items which following proper and safe use and within 12 months of supply are faulty due to material defects or workmanship. Any products are to be returned at your own risk, suitably and securely parcelled and carriage paid.

Paperwork needs to accompany the goods detailing reference numbers from the original supply and notes regarding the claimed defects so that we may investigate fully.

Modification to the website

We may alter, temporarily suspend or discontinue products or services on our website or services connected to it at any time including access.


It is your responsibility to ensure the safety and confidentiality of usernames/passwords. Including any that are allocated to you or chosen by you for use on our website. Please ensure you do not share or transfer these to any third party.

It is essential that you notify us immediately of any unauthorised use of them. Or any security breaches or concerns that come to your attention.

Intellectual Property

All contents of our website are protected by intellectual property and international copyright laws. Rope Services Direct Ltd and other third party liaisons are the owners.

Company names, logos and product names on our website are trademarks, trading names and service marks of both us and their respective owners. Please note in relation to any computer software either forming part of the products or embedded in the copyrights or any other intellectual property rights in which are owned or licensed by us.

You are purchasing the products on which any integral software is recorded or embedded only. We do not transfer or assign any intellectual property rights or copyrights in any software. All of which are reserved by us.

You must not adapt, merge, modify, copy, disassemble or create derivative works based on the whole or any part of any of our integral software.

Any websites you access through our website or any linked through it are not guaranteed by us. We make no representations whatsoever about it. If you access other sites then you understand that it is completely independent from Rope Services Direct and we have no control or authorisation on availability, content or opinion. Any links do not mean we can take any responsibility for it or endorse any of its products or services. We shall accept no liability for damage or loss. This is whether its caused or alleged to have been caused by these connections. Whether that is content, goods or services.

Consequential loss

The company will not be liable for any consequential loss. Whether direct or indirect including any loss of revenue, business, data, profit or any other expenditure on goods sustained by the buyer. You will indemnify Rope Services Direct Ltd against any loss or damage arising from indistinct, ambiguous or unclear instructions.

Our liabilities to you will be limited to the amount paid by you for the product concerned. Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure your computer system meets all technical specifications for use of website.

We cannot guarantee that any material shown or available for downloading on our site will be free from. Viruses, infection or code that has destructive features. It is essential that you implement full and sufficient procedures and virus checks. Using security checks and anti-virus packages to confirm your particular requirements.

The exclusions and limitations in our terms do not affect any of your non-excludable rights. They are only intended to apply to the extent permitted by applicable law regulators.

Thank you for reading our Terms & Conditions.